NOTICE DATE: April 24, 2024

NOTICE TYPE: M-042424-01 Financial/Credit

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Total potential exposure (TPE) calculations affected by ERS resettlements


DAYS AFFECTED: April 23, 2024

LONG DESCRIPTION: On April 22, 2024, ERCOT issued Market Notice W-A042224-01 Settlements: Resettlement for the ERS Standard Contract Term of June 01, 2023 – September 30, 2023.  The respective true-up statements issued on April 22, 2024 included the ERS resettlements described in the above Market Notice for the Operating Day October 24, 2023. These ERS resettlement amounts flowed into the Unbilled True Up Amounts (UTA) component of Estimated Aggregate Liability (EAL), as reflected on the reports posted on April 23, 2024. Protocol Section, Determination of Counter-Party Estimated Aggregate Liability, allows exclusion of specific Operating Days to calculate Outstanding Unpaid Transactions (OUT). ERCOT’s practice has been to remove ERS final settlements from EAL due to it being captured in Unbilled Final Amounts (UFA), which is a result of extrapolation of these amounts over 55 days. Since the subject ERS settlement error is reported under UTA rather than UFA, it is causing even larger than normal impact on EAL due to it being extrapolated over 180 days instead of 55 days. Both UFA and UTA are components of OUT. Therefore, per Section ERCOT has removed the affected Operating Day from the UTA/EAL calculations. This change took effect on reports published today, April 24, 2024.     

ACTION REQUIRED: Counter-Parties should review their revised ACL Summary and TPE Summary reports published in the ERCOT MIS.

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