NOTICE DATE: May 10, 2024

NOTICE TYPE: M-B042424-07 Settlements

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Board-Approved Price Correction CRR Balancing Account Resettlement for January 2024

INTENDED AUDIENCE: QSEs and CRRAHs settlement personnel

DAYS AFFECTED: May 10, 2024

LONG DESCRIPTION: On April 23, 2024, the ERCOT Board of Directors (Board) directed ERCOT to implement the appropriate price corrections for Day-Ahead Settlement Point Prices (DASPPs) and Day-Ahead Market Clearing Prices for Capacity (MCPCs) for certain ODs in the period of January 10, 2024 to January 25, 2024.

In accordance with ERCOT Protocol Section 9.12(2), CRR Balancing Account Invoices, ERCOT will post the Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Balancing Account (CRRBA) resettlement Invoices today for the month of January 2024 to reflect changes to the CRRBA resulting from the above-referenced Board-approved DAM price corrections.  Further details are included in the table below:

Operating Month

January 2024

Reason for resettlement

Board-Approved DAM Price Corrections

Publication Date of previous CRRBA Invoices

March 27, 2024

Publication Date of CRRBA resettlement Invoices

May 10, 2024

Total CRRBA changes due to DAM resettlements (CRRBACR)


Total DACRRS changes due to DAM resettlements (DACRRSAMT)


Total Adjustment to CRR Refund Amount (CRRRAMT)


Total Adjustment to Load Allocated Amount (LACRRAMT)



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The CRRBA resettlement Invoices and corresponding CRRBA extracts can be found on the Market Information System (MIS) under Settlements.

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