NOTICE DATE: May 8, 2024

NOTICE TYPE:  M-A032024-02 Testing

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Reminder: Retail Market Qualification Testing (Flight 0924) begins Tuesday, August 6, 2024. Successful completion of this testing effort will be required for all existing CRs and TDSPs.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Existing and potential new Competitive Retailers (CRs) and Transmission and/or Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs)

DAYS AFFECTED: July 3, 2024 - October 4, 2024

LONG DESCRIPTION: ERCOT, the Texas SET Working Group, and the Market Coordination Team (MCT) would like to announce that preparations are underway for the next round of Retail Market Qualification Testing, Flight 0924. Flight 0924 will test for TX SET Version 5.0, and is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 6, 2024. Testing will be completed in the FlighTrak system.     

Testing for the TX SET V5.0 upgrade, developed pursuant to ERCOT Protocol 19.8, is required for all CRs and TDSPs that wish to remain eligible to serve customers in the ERCOT Market.

Testing is required for:

•           new Market Participants (CRs and TDSPs) entering the Texas Retail Market,

•           existing Market Participants (CRs and TDSPs),

•           entering new service territories,

•           testing additional business functionality,

•           changing service providers,

•           changing banking information, or

•           adding another entity to their business umbrella.

Market Participant business names should coincide between ERCOT registration, Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), and Texas Secretary of State. Discrepancies in these names will delay ERCOT’s ability to generate qualification letters after testing is complete.

Participation in Out of Flight Testing is limited to existing Market Participants (CRs and TDSPs) that did not make the deadline for the actual Flight Test and is subject to Flight Administrator and TDSP approval. Out of Flight testing includes testing for changing service providers to an existing service provider and changing banking information but is not an option for qualification on the TX SET 5.0 standard.

ACTION REQUIRED: Please see the "Approved 2024 Test Flight Schedule" on Texas Retail Market Testing page and the Retail Market Test Flight Information page of for all registration and deadline information for Flight 0924.

Deadlines are:

The Deadline for establishing Banking Information for new CRs participating in Flight 0924 is July 31, 2024, at 17:00 CPT.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Available documents for Texas SET Version 5.0A are on

The Flight Testing information is found in the "Texas Market Test Plan 120119" on the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction Working Group page on

The “FlighTrak Users Guide” is found on the Texas Retail Market Testing page of

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please contact your ERCOT Account Manager. You may also contact the ERCOT Flight Testing team via email at [log in to unmask].

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